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Arabian Travelers Meeting For Sustainable Tourism


Bouraoui Rgaya

The greatest traveler in Tunisia and in the Arab world

Ludovic Hubler

Tour of the world by hitchhiking

His adventure lasted five years, during which he travelled the world solely by means of hitch-hiking in every conceivable form. From “boat-hitching” across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to "ice-breaker hitching" to reach Antarctica, to crossing the Sahara desert or passing through countries such as Colombia and Afghanistan, Ludovic put his thumb to the test in all imaginable situations.

A total of 5 years travelled, spanning 106,000 miles and 59 countries, hundreds of lectures given and lifts from more than 1,300 people received, give an idea of the extent and richness of the journey. More than recounting an extreme feat, this book traces an extraordinary human adventure where you’re transported by the wind of freedom.

Syrian Traveler Covers 6000 km from Damascus to Moscow on Horseback

A Syrian traveler named Adnan Azzam spent ten months on horseback as he covered 6000 km from Damascus to Moscow.

He passed by the states of Iraq, Jordan, Iran, and Azerbaijan up to Russian territories.

The Syrian traveler said that the motive of this prolonged journey is to acknowledge the role by the states that supported his country in its war on terrorism.

Climbing Mount Everest

Climbing Mount Everest is strictly for the professionals not only is is extremely difficult, it’s also extremely dangerous. Experts die trying to climb Mount Everest.

I thought this has to be one of those things where the director has taken artistic license, and Samy had some mountain climbing experience, he’d probably climbed in the Alps, and this was just a big step up for him.
Rashid Ali

Cycling from Britain to Makkah to Perform Hajj

The total trip will see them cycle 5,700 km averaging 150 km per day.
Their final leg see’s them conquer the scenic route from Istanbul to Antalya and then the harsh terrain and heat of the Sahara in Egypt. Their destination is Makkah, Saudi Arabia, where they are hoping to reach just in time for the annual Hajj pilgrimage. They have a target of £100,000 and they have already raised £54,000.

1st Tunisian mountaineer and the 1st French firefighter to have climbed the summit of Everest

For the first time a Tunisian climber reached the top of Mount Everest, in the Himalayas mountain range, conquering the highest peak in the world (8,848 mt of height) . Twenty-six year old Tahar Manai embarked on his journey in Nepal and reached the peak after 9 hours of climbing, 1,200 mt of height difference and temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius, proudly planting the Tunisian flag on "the roof of the world". Born in Sousse, Tahar lives in France where he works as a fireman.
He dedicated his Himalayan expedition to Tunisia and called his climb "The ascent of a nation" wishing to pay a tribute to his country's search for unity and democracy beyond the wounds of the past, as he explained in a recent interview. Only two North Africans before him - Algerian Nadir Dendoune and Moraccan Nacer Ibn Abdeljalil ever completed this monumental journey.
Rahalista - رحاليستا - Mohamed Alselini

Photographers and influencers

Like many travellers, photographers and influencers, Hatou said social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are the best outlets to share his work and experiences and get his message out to the public. Hatou, who travelled to 12 countries and 40 cities in less than one year, calls himself Ibn Hattuta after the famous Arab traveller Ibn Battuta. His 100,000 followers on Instagram and some 240,000 on YouTube give him a big stage to showcase his photos, stories and experiences.
Mak & Cha

Tunisian Backpackers

Mak & Cha are two Tunisian globetrotters, but whose spirit belongs to the world. One of the things that binds them together is their love for travel. One settled in India, the other in Dubai, the meeting was in Malaysia and finally moored in Tunisia.
Known for their trips around the world, the two Tunisian nomads don't skimp on sharing off-the-beaten-path destinations to offer a trip to those who stay and hope to those who want to leave.
Makrem and Chahrazed or as we like to call them MAK & CHA are this time the guests of DECATHLON Tunis city on this Friday, June 29 from 7 p.m. for a meeting with enthusiasts of nature, travel, hiking and camping to exchange their experiences all over the world.

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